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Email is still considered the most vulnerable entry-point for security breach due to the public nature of the service. Securing cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365 and Azure requires a comprehensive approach to your devices, networks and SaaS applications.  Let Enclyne guide your selection and deployment of best-in-class Microsoft and leaders in security.  We will review the best practices in hardening your Microsoft Office 365 tenant against malicious attacks. Many attacks can be blocked by making zero-cost changes to your tenant.

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Brand and Domain Protection

30% of customers stop doing business with an organization whose reputation has suffered from a security breach.


Microsoft Security Platform

1 in 8 people have been a victim of phishing. 30% of phishing messages are opened.


Identity Management and Security

Network-based security is obsolete. Identity is the control plane of today and beyond.​​


Veeam O365 Backup

With our cloud-hosted BaaS solution, you can protect Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams data against accidental deletion and security threats.


Infrastructure Security

Microsoft 365 Security Assessment, On-premises Network Security Assessment, HIPAA Compliance Assessment, RapidFire Tools Network Detective, Cyber Hawk


Application and Device Security

Glean the benefits of SaaS apps with fewer security worries.

Three Tiers of Protection for Data, Identities, and Devices

Baseline Protection

Microsoft recommends you establish a minimum standard for protecting data, as well as the identities and devices that access your data. Microsoft provides strong default protection that meets the needs of many organizations. Some organizations require additional capabilities to meet their baseline requirements.

Increased Protection

Some customers have a subset of data that must be protected at higher levels. You can apply increased protection to specific data sets in your Microsoft 365 environment. Microsoft recommends protecting identities and devices that access sensitive data with comparable levels of security.

Protection for Highly Regulated Environments

Some organizations may have a very small amount of data that is highly classified, trade secret, or regulated data. Microsoft provides capabilities to help organizations meet these requirements, including added protection for identities and devices.​


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Enclyne formerly known as Strategic SaaS, is an experienced Microsoft partner. Enclyne helps companies transition core infrastructure, messages, and unified communications to the cloud. With hundreds of successful implementations and exceedingly satisfied clients, we have the knowledge and experience to guide customers throughout their transition to the cloud.

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