Box to OneDrive Migration using FLY

Many companies these days are facing the need for a Box to OneDrive migration. 3rd party migration tools like AP Element’s FLY for Box can assist you in your migration. It migrates Box users’ files to their respective OneDrive for Business document libraries.

When performing a Box to OneDrive migration using FLY, it has a particularly handy feature. It can automatically map your Box users to Office 365 users with the same usernames. So if Bill Smith’s username is bill.smith for Box and OneDrive, this user can be automatically mapped. If both systems’ user naming conventions are not the same, the tool also allows you to manually map them. This time-saving feature ensures your Box users’ content gets migrated correctly!

In deciding whether FLY is right for your Box to One Drive migration, it also includes a useful Dashboard feature. From the Dashboard page, you can view a Summary section. It displays the total number of migrated users, files and size (in GB). From the Dashboard page, you can also view a Detail User Report section. For each Box user’s display name, the section displays the number of files to migrate as well as total size. It also displays whether FLY has finished migrating the files for each Box user. All this information helps you track the progress of your Box to Office 365 migration. When migrating tons of users or files, this Dashboard feature is invaluable!

While evaluating FLY for your Box to OneDrive migration, here are more features that may fit your needs:

  • Supported Web Browsers:
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla FireFox
    • Apple Safari
    • Internet Explorer 9-11
  • Supported Operating Systems:
    • Windows 7,8, and 10
    • Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012
  • Supported File Types for Migration:
    • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Files
    • Folders
    • Box Notes and Bookmarks

Please note when using FLY for a Box to OneDrive migration, it cannot currently migrate Box content to SharePoint Online. It also cannot migrate the following Box-specific features to One Drive:

  • Share links
  • Grant Office 365 users same access their Box accounts had to various folders and files
  • Custom Box Metadata
  • Tags
  • Comments

As part of your Box to Office 365 migration, review and analyze your content before moving it. Office 365 currently supports a file path length of 400 characters max. On a practical level, this means you cannot have deep, nested folders with long folder and file names. See this Microsoft article for more information. Also, OneDrive does not support the following characters in the names of folders or files: ” * : < > ? / \ | . See this Microsoft article for more information.

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