Today’s Biggest Email Migration Challenges (And How to Overcome Them)

Email Migration” is a daunting string of words. And there seems to be an air of mystery that floats behind any conversation about your migration, but it’s time to settle the battlefield with it. The biggest challenge with email migration today is the issue of interrupted service and lost data. But there’s no need to be wary any longer; we’ve compiled some great advice to overcome these problems!

2249126Get the Word Out about Your Email Migration

For both of these challenges, the best solution is to let all the employees at your company know when the Office 365 email migration will be. Your employees must be included in all changes such as public folder conversion to SharePoint or the need to update the Outlook profile. Avoid these mistakes with a simple notification sent out to your employees. This will settle any confusion of when the migration is happening and let others prepare their data for the switch.

Prepare for the Worst

No one ever wants the worst to happen, but when you’re prepared for it, most damage can be dodged! If you know you have a few gigs of very important data, back-up your data before the migration so you know that if all else fails, you’ve got what you need; encourage others to do so as well! While this is not ideal, it’s important to have realistic expectations of your migration and understand and prepare for the risks of the change.

Get Your Internet Connection Ready

Unfortunately a lot of people overlook their internet connection when starting their mail migration and the migration comes to a gridlock. While you could blame the software, most likely it’s your internet connection. Using times of low-usage of internet taking time to double check the quality of connection will help save your data and service connections.

Identify all of your Messaging Content

Your email system has distribution lists, alias, pst’s, connection to fax services, phone services and a number of other attributes.  In many cases these are operational systems such as order taking and invoicing.  Document and back up all of these important messaging services.  All messaging components need to be baked into your email migration plan and execution.

Find the Perfect Partner

In the end, the best way to tackle a mail migration is to find a professional to partner up with. A great partner will help you prepare your data and connection before the switch, help your through the migration, and then offer end-user training for you and your company after your migration. Finding a partner you can trust to do this will save you stress, time, and money in the long run, and with the right expertise, lower your chances of lost data and interrupted service.

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