Introducing Microsoft Entra formerly Azure Active Directory

In the realm of cybersecurity and identity management, staying ahead of evolving needs and threats is crucial. Microsoft has stepped up to this challenge with the introduction of Microsoft Entra, a comprehensive suite of identity and access management solutions. This blog post will explore what Microsoft Entra is, its evolution from Azure Active Directory, the changes it brings, and its pricing structure.

What Was the Old Name?

Microsoft Entra was formerly known as Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). This rebranding signifies a shift towards a more integrated and expansive approach to identity and access management, aligning with the growing demands of modern businesses for secure and efficient access control​​.

What Changes Does Microsoft Entra Bring?

Microsoft Entra represents a broadening of capabilities beyond the traditional scope of Azure AD. While Azure AD focused primarily on directory and identity services, Microsoft Entra encompasses a wider range of identity and access management solutions. It aims to provide more comprehensive tools to secure access, protect against threats, and ensure compliance across various platforms and applications.

Microsoft Entra Pricing

Microsoft Entra’s pricing varies based on the specific services and licenses businesses choose. The primary offerings include:

  • Microsoft Entra ID Free: This basic version is available at no cost and is included with other Microsoft cloud subscriptions like Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365​​.
  • Microsoft Entra ID P1: Priced at $6.00 per user per month, Microsoft Entra ID P1 (formerly Azure Active Directory P1) is available as a standalone or included with Microsoft 365 E3 for enterprise customers and Microsoft 365 Business Premium for small to medium businesses.
  • Microsoft Entra ID P2: At $9.00 per user per month, this plan offers even more advanced identity and access management capabilities. It is suitable for larger organizations and is included with Microsoft 365 E5 licenses​​.

Microsoft Entra marks a significant step forward in the world of identity and access management. By offering a range of solutions from basic to advanced, Microsoft Entra caters to the diverse needs of businesses and educational institutions. Whether it’s securing access, managing identities, or ensuring compliance, Microsoft Entra stands as a robust, scalable solution in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

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